Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Dental Treatment for TMJ/TMD

Is Improper Alignment of Your Bite Causing Headaches and Jaw Pain?

The term "temporomandibular joint disorder," shortened to TMJ or TMD, usually relates to a "bad bite." The technical description is dental malocclusion. This can cause TMJ-related headaches, aching and popping jaws, and even pain in the shoulders or neck. Teeth can be ground down over time or lost in a trauma or from gum disease. When this occurs, your jaw can't take on a naturally relaxed position. The major tension this causes in the jaw muscles can lead to a variety of pain. Many people just "live with it," but you'll be excited to know that a full mouth rehabilitation can return your jaw to the position intended by nature. Imagine how improved your quality of life can be! Call now to schedule a consultation.

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