Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Child Orthodontic Options

Orthodontic Options for Your Child

You already trust Dr. Miller to take care of your child's routine dental care, but did you know he has received extensive training in orthodontic treatment, as well? Our team's experience and familiarity with your child mean they are already invested in each of them as patients. We care, and your kids know it! The convenience of having all your child's care in one office is a bonus. 

Dr. Miller examines your child's craniofacial growth and development between the crucial ages of 6 and 11. He can identify jaw and dental disharmony at these early stages to begin treatment before extractions become necessary. Early correction can save money and minimize treatment time and the type of correction. Dr. Miller can address problems of crossbites in back teeth, disharmony in lower and upper dental arches and jaws, and overcrowding in front teeth. These issues can often be corrected in 6 to 18 months, before a child reaches adolescent years.

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