Monday, 22 August 2016

Dental Implants to Prevent Complication from Missing Teeth

Losing a Tooth Can Cause Complications

Missing even one tooth can have an effect on your chewing abilities. The more teeth you have missing, the less nutrition you will receive from your food. Chewing more natural, nutritious foods often becomes difficult with too many missing teeth, and often softer, higher-calorie foods are then consumed more often. This type of diet usually results in weight gain.

Your facial appearance can change, taking on a hollowed-out look that adds years to your actual age. Your speech may not always be clear, causing moments of embarrassment at work or in your social life.

Gaps in your dental arches can also cause other teeth to start to become loose or move. But whether you're missing teeth in the front or back, whether there is only one or many absent, the best replacements are dental implants. They look very natural and function like real teeth, allowing you to enjoy every type of food that you like.

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