Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Children's Dentistry

Your Dentist Helps Keep Your Children Healthy

Children's teeth are prone to cavities during their formative years. We emphasize the importance of proper daily dental hygiene and more nutritious food choices to help them keep their teeth for a lifetime. We ask parents to ensure their children do a good job of brushing and flossing until they are certain they have developed good habits on their own.

Children eat throughout the day, and whenever food and drink are consumed, acid is produced in the mouth. If the teeth are not cleaned properly, additional acid is produced, bacteria forms, and decay sets in. Even the smallest cavity is permanent damage that needs a filling.

When improper cleaning continues, cavities will grow larger faster and also increase in number. We recommend one application of a dental sealant to help minimize this risk, as well as improved dental hygiene and healthier meals and snacks.

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