Sunday, 22 November 2015

White Dental Fillings

Modern Fillings

We use only composite resin filling material for restoration of cavities. This type of material contains no metal, and the fillings are made to match the shade of the tooth. They bond tightly to tooth enamel to prevent decay from setting in. They also provide additional strength to the tooth structure while keeping the natural appearance of the tooth.

Silver-amalgam fillings have been the most common type used by dental practices. As metal does not bond tightly to a tooth, they can become loose and allow cavities to start around them. They also created dark patches in light teeth that are very noticeable when speaking or laughing. Patients do not like them, as they do not create a pleasing smile.

Our patients are pleased, however, with the type of filling materials we use as they make for an attractive smile and bond tightly for a durable, natural-looking restoration in front or back teeth.

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